Saturday, 14 November 2009


Today's the first day since the return from my holidays that I had a chance to listen to my music through the newly acquired Wharfedale speakers. But even then, it's only for about half an hour before I leave for the Penang indoor station in Bayan Baru where there's a career fair going on for this weekend.

I decided to give Caravanserai a spin both on the CD player and the turntable. I still kind of like the warmer sound from the record better, despite all the remaining little occasional pops and crackles after I had cleaned it up....

Side 1: Eternal Caravan Of Reincarnation, Waves Within, Look Up (To See What's Coming Down), Just In Time To See The Sun, Song Of The Wind, All The Love Of The Universe
Side 2: Future Primitive, Stone Flower, La Fuente Del Ritmo, Every Step Of The Way

Neal Schon was on this album. I do have his music on compact disc somewhere in the house. I'll probably look it up later...

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