Sunday, 1 November 2009

Mayang Mall

Actually, the spaghetti nightmare is just symptomatic of the management style at the Mayang Mall office of PDC Setia Urus, a subsidiary of the Penang Development Corporation. I don't know where else PDC Setia Urus have their offices but I hope this one at Mayang Mall is not reflective of the others. (Other people will say "fat hopes" but I would like to give them the benefit of my doubt.)

Regarding the cable mess at Mayang Mall, of course, we tend to blame Telekom Malaysia for all kinds of communication line failure but shouldn't there be a contributing factor too? The technicians themselves are to blame but at Mayang Mall, a large chunk of the responsibility must go to PDC Setia Urus. There is no excuse for not taking charge of this mess before it spiralled out of control.

And I'll mention here what else I have misgivings about their management style. Little, little things may seem rather unimportant but they all add up to dollars and cents:

1) The toilets. We have broken toilet seats and taps that cannot be turned off properly. As such, there's continuous wastage of water. I've also heard people comment that occasionally, the Bangladeshi workers take their baths in the toilet cubicles.

2) The air-conditioning. There doesn't seem to be any thermostat-temperature control to ensure that the air-conditioning is turned down on rainy days and turned up on hot days. The contrary appeared to be true. My friends and I greatly suspect that the air-conditioners work extra hard to make life uncomfortably colder for us on rainy days.

3) The car park. There used to be an open space car park across the road from the building. Users of the car park paid RM1 per entry. Then, one fine day, they closed this car park. We asked them why and were told that some company had taken up the vacant land. To me, it was more of an excuse to force users to use the building's underground car park at RM3 per entry. But PDC Setia Urus didn't reckon that the D'Piazza Mall was opening up soon and the car park facilities there was so much more convenient if users still don't mind parking under the sun. To date, the old car park is still vacant.

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