Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Exit, literally

It is normally the case that when someone resigns from his job, the company will hold an exit interview with the departing person.

When I was still with my old employment, we received this email one day from a resigning staff to inform us of his exit interview. We couldn't stop laughing: the joke being that there was a door marked EXIT located somewhere on the eighth floor of the JobStreet.com building in Kuala Lumpur that opened out to ... nothing but a wide open exterior. Going up to the eighth floor for an exit (interview). What an idea!

And I had friends and colleagues alike who badgered me whether I had also been shown this mythical door when I was at the KL office in November two years ago for the handover duties. There were less than two months to go before it was my time to leave. Retiring, mind you, not resigning. Thankfully, I had to tell them, no. No such door existed.

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