Saturday, 2 January 2010

Australian travellogue: To Beedelup and beyond

4 Nov 2009. So finally at 3.10pm after a fine lunch and an unforgetable encounter with the alpaca, we were on our way to Busselton.We went through the town again because we needed to get onto the Vasse highway and stop by the Beedelup Falls. I had impressed on my wife that since we had already visited the hills, the sea, the river and the forests, we should try and round things up with a waterfall too and possibly later, even a cave. And the Beedelup Falls was just off the road to our next destination.

Well, it wasn't a big waterfall in the first place but Beedelup provided us with a pleasant 30 minutes or so of exploring. But we were surprised that there was a canopy walk across the river. It gave us a good view of the falls.

Other than the falls, the remainder of the drive proved rather uneventful - we passed through Nannup and decided to go straight through to Busselton instead of detouring to Augusta - and we arrived at the Abbey Beach Resort in Busselton at about 6.30pm. Well, here then, after a few days in the Australian countryside, was a big enough town with all the amenities and distractions. We quickly settled in -- the lady at the registration counter took a look at our country of origin, wished us "apa khabar" and then said that she was upgrading our room (turned out she was Indonesian) but I suspect they always say this to their new guests; nevertheless, it was a nice gesture -- and then decided to drive into town to look for dinner.

We'll be spending two nights here and tomorrow, it'll be a trip southwards towards Margaret River and Augusta.

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