Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Little devils

Aiyoyo, I noticed this news item in The Malaysian Insider today and couldn't believe what I saw. The headline said: Police: Imps broke Miri church windows

I was scratching my head. Imps? Did The Malaysian Insider really mean to use this word? Because to me, the most common meaning of this word is "a little devil or demon; an evil spirit."

Of course, imp also means "mischievous child, naughty kid, delinquent" and this is probably closer to what the news portal wanted to say in the headline. But the first impression I got was that the Police had started to believe in the supernatural and blaming all the arson and attempted arson not on "Acts of God" but "Acts of Imps".

Or have they?

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longkin said...

It cannot be the "Acts of god" since they are all fighting over god's name. It has to be the devil since the police are still clueless as to who are the arsonists.