Saturday, 9 January 2010

Torching aftermath

I was having a brief telephone conversation with a Muslim friend from Kuala Lumpur this morning and according to him, "50 percent of the Malays just don't care about the controversy, 45 percent of them are against playing it up, while the remaining five percent are the ones who are causing trouble."

He asked me whether I would agree with his observation. I told him that he should know better since he is a Muslim and has his ears more to the ground in KL where most of the heat is. However, I would believe that after seeing this little extract from Anil Netto's blog, there is a certain degree of truth in my friend's words:

"Just go home." I suppose this sums up the overall feelings of the vast majority of Muslims in this country. There is a certain feeling of outrage that this unfortunate incident had taken place. Like my friend said: "I know how I would feel, as a Muslim, if others had done the same to me. So I know precisely how the Christians in this country are feeling right now. I just want this to end."


Jeffrey Chew said...

The Pope said this - "If you want peace, work for justice" I truly agree with him. Find the idiots who are behind this and peace will prevail

LongKin said...

After damaging the harmony in the country the PM now is offering RM500,000 to Metro Tabernacle church to rebuild in another place as reported in Malaysia Today. Why another place? Does that mean they are not allowed to rebuild at the current place? I hope not. If they were to rebuild in another place don't you think RM500k is a pittance for a congregation of about 1700?