Friday, 8 January 2010

Pure intimidation

At first I thought that this story from Reuters about a razed church in Kuala Lumpur couldn't be true and that there must have been some mistake. However, I myself was mistaken because the story is now covered by The Malaysian Insider with pictures and eye witness reports.

As right-minded, law-abiding and peace-loving Malaysians, how can we condone such cowardly extremism in our midst? We have a right to demand the authorities come down hard on the bigots in our society. We cannot afford to let this issue spin out of control, which is exactly what has happened!

Over the last few days, I had already been very ashamed of the hardline stance taken by those UMNO jerks who are condoning protests against the High Court ruling on allowing Christians to use the word Allah in their sermons. I had also wondered warmly at the moderate stance of the PAS people who declared that there was no problem with Christians using the word within the limits of their own religion.

For the present, this is not about two groups of Malaysians with different opinions on the use of a word. This is also not about two groups of Muslims with differing views on the same matter. It is all about politicians who can do something to either resolve issues for the good of the people, not play them up wrongly for their own gains.

As an observer looking in from the outside, my conclusion is that the UMNO buggers are playing up the issue to the hilt and fanning the religious flames for their political gains. Or otherwise, how can you accept that none other than Najib Razak and Hishamuddin Hussein "have backed the right to protest within mosque grounds to the chagrin of many who have been previously detained at opposition gatherings."

I can only tell them that they shall reap what they have sown. If no one can control the two infamous cousins from shooting off their mouths without care and responsibility, it shows up their true, full-blown colours, just like Mahathir Mohamad being shown up as the racist he has been since the 1960s. If people like them cannot be saved from themselves, how can we save ourselves from them? So much for supporting the 1Malaysia ideal if Najib and company cannot be bothered with it.

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longkin said...

You are very right in saying this is pure intimidation. It clearly shows how racist UMNO has been all this while. When the two cousins openly supported the planned demonstrations, I knew more bad news are to come in the coming days. This time is the church. If the problem is not solved the next time can be any other places of worship. I am going to pray for the elimination of the evil regime like UMNO. I am going to propose this as one of the items in my church to pray for. To me, if I love my country, Malaysia, I have pray that no evil regime or political parties should be in power in the country.