Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Who's going to be next??

Really, I think all these fear-mongering actions are getting a bit out of hand. I was surprised to learn this morning that a Sikh temple in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur came under a hail of stones last night, thrown in from outside the temple compound. Whether or not it was related to the Allah and the Catholic Church issue remains to be determined but luckily, nobody was hurt. However, the glass doors were cracked.

No doubt, the Home Minister will still say that it is isolated and not serious. No doubt, the Police will still call on the churches and now temples to guard their own premises. No doubt, the Police will continue to say that they are investigating the latest incident. No doubt, the Police will dust the stones for clues and try to lift fingerprints from them. No doubt, The Malaysian Insider will still use the word "imps" to describe the perpetrators.

But in the meantime, the zealots and the bigots are having a field day, emboldened by the snail's pace of this investigation. Where's the will to make it happen fast?

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longkin said...

Who says the police are investigating at a snail's pace? They have already declared that the latest episode is due to naughty children throwing stones. See report in Staronline. Like Hismuddin said it is not serious and it is under control.....but new episode everyday....well, almost everyday.