Thursday, 25 February 2010

Australian travellogue: Pushing towards Freo

6 Nov 2009. This is almost the tail end of our driving adventure in Australia. Today, we are heading back from Busselton towards Perth but first, there'll have to be a big detour through Fremantle (or Freo, as people seem to be calling this city).

It rained the morning we left Busselton's jetty but the rainstorm was quite short. For a long while, the storm clouds lingered in the heavens.

Nevertheless, we were soon travelling along a picturesque coastal stretch to Bunbury. Nice houses along this road and nice interesting beaches, although I don't know whether this particular stretch is due to pollution or not.

To top it up, we came across this mobile grocery below. It's all probably a very common activity: grocers opening up their stalls in wide open spaces near residential areas to sell their vegetables to residents. But why do tourists like us become so excited to see them?

Initially, I had planned was to spend some time at Bunbury and enjoy the town but because we had left the Abbey Beach Resort late, we were running behind my original schedule. However, it was a no-brainer for us to decide that between Bunbury and Fremantle, we would rather have more time at the latter.

So all we did at Bunbury was to take a short drive to look at their lighthouse - nothing impressive, by the way - and then cut through the town's commercial district and thence northwards to Freo, passing through Rockingham.

Like I mentioned a few days ago, the GPS unit decided to act up at this stage. We were on the Kwinana Freeway but the GPS unit just refused to acknowledge it. To the GPS unit, we were in the middle of nowhere and weren't driving on any road at all. Strange.

Somehow, I got us off the freeway, stopped for lunch at a Hungry Jacks and then used my instinct to continue heading north towards Fremantle. At some stage during this drive, thankfully the GPS unit decided to come back to its senses and guided me through the streets of Freo.

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