Friday, 5 February 2010

Chess reinstated in MSSM calendar

So at last, the Education minister has acknowledged the folly of removing 11 sports from this year's MSSM calendar and reinstated them. At first, the MSSM had claimed that the ministry had cut back the annual allocations from RM6.5 million to RM1.5 million, a reduction of RM5 million. Then, the MSSM said that because of the reduced allocation, they had to reduce the number of sports from 24 to 11. Chess was one of the sports affected.

Although it was never mentioned as such, the implication -- as I saw it -- was that the MSSM and, inter alia, the ministry had effectively bared their bias between the sports that they favoured and the sports that they thought they could do without. Favouritism rearing its ugly head.

There was also the implied excuse that these 11 affected "less favoured" sports required more money to support (RM5 million) as compared with only RM1.5 million needed to organise the other 13 "more favoured" sports competitions. This, I sure, can't be true. This implied excuse rings hollow. If they say it is more expensive to hold a chess competition than, say, football competition, then I'd suggest to them to switch the allocation of funds and see which sport can derive better benefits.

Anyway, I'm glad that chess is back in the MSSM calendar for at least one year anyway. To know more, you can refer to this Bernama report.

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