Sunday, 7 February 2010

The height in swimwear fashion

Okay, I know that these are old photos from somewhere - I looked up the website mentioned in the pictures but couldn't find them anywhere - but they show that creativity knows no bounds. And without a doubt, this kid - or at least, his parents - has taken creativity to new heights.

You too can emulate their appealing flair for fashion. And it's not too expensive too. The plastic bag is from your friendly neighbourhood hypermarket but actually, any decent-sized plastic bag will do just as well. Oh, I forgot to add...there's no flaunting your fashion sense on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday though. They are all "no plastic" days in Penang.


stephen said...

Do you reckon they'll make it to the cover of Sports Illustrated?

stephen said...

Or maybe a supermarket ad "Our bags are strong enough to hold you and still have enough space for a banana,two eggs and 2 buns.
Just thinking aloud.Feel free to stop me.

Quah, Seng-Sun said...

It's okay, let go, let go. Let your imagination run wild :-)