Monday, 15 March 2010


Decided to drop by the National Age Group chess championship at the Dewan Sri Pinang in George Town yesterday. Earlier, I had been put off by word that there would be road closures around the Dewan because of an on-going Go Kart competition winding its way around the Esplanade. I had also heard that there would be a variety show at night too, so the roads would be packed with people. Nevertheless, I decided to take a chance and went out to the island.

Sure enough, there were a lot of slow-moving traffic towards the Dewan but it wasn't all too bad. I was lucky to find a parking space in King Street. A short walk and a quick hop across Light Street was all it took for me to reach the tournament venue.

249 players in 10 age group categories. Not too bad but not too good too, if participation at previous events are compared with. At last year's edition in Kuala Lumpur, I hear there were more than 400 players. So where did the rest of the players go to? Or a more pointed question: why are they not in Penang?

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