Saturday, 13 March 2010

An Earth Hour reminder

Earth Hour 2010 is just two weeks away. I hope you will remember Earth Hour and join me in switching off the lights in your office and your homes at 8.30pm on 27 Mar 2010. Let's show the world that we care for the resources that the Good Earth has bestowed on us. Here's my earlier post on Earth Hour 2010.

Incidentally, I had noticed a few days ago that the Gurney Plaza will be participating in Earth Hour by switching off the lights in their complex on that day. Presumably it will mean that all the establishments and outlets will be switching off too.

However, Gurney Plaza will be going one step further. Not only will they be switching off for one hour, they will switch off for 10 hours from 8.30pm until 6.30am on 28 Mar 2010. Will others follow suit too?

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