Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Over the next few days - five days in all, actually - I've got to ask my visitors to bear with me as I catch up on listening to a few records in my collection. It's been a long while since I cleaned my dirty old records because I've been busy listening a lot to those albums that I had cleaned previously, and also to the compact discs. You see, I've finally come to accept that it is not enough to have a good stereo hardware system. It is also important to be equipped with decent speaker cables or otherwise, the sound will still suck.

I took up my friend Eric's suggestion to buy a length of QED Micro High Technology speaker cables quite a while back but it wasn't until he loaned me the Belden Indoor/Outdoor Oxygen Free Low Cap Brilliance speaker cables that my system began to sing. Then another friend Long Kin lent me his Audioquest FLX/X-16/2 Long Grain copper speaker cables recently and the mist lifted from my eyes. I had been trying various permutations of the three speaker cables and can verify that I heard subtle differences with all four combinations.

So, after having enjoyed listening to my CD and cleaned-up record collections, it's back to cleaning those dirty old ones to put on the turntable. Bear with me for the next few days, okay?


stephen said...

Is your speaker bi wireable? It makes a difference to the sound.

Quah, Seng-Sun said...

Yes, Stephen, they are biwired.

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