Monday, 8 March 2010

Ipoh's delectable northern Indian cuisine

I took a drive down to Ipoh to have a look in at the first leg of the Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng Perak grand prix chess tournament on Sunday. Good start to the grand prix: 187 people took part. Young and old, they came from all over the state.

And as it was about lunch time, the Perak International Chess Association's former president, Dr Yee Meng Khoon, took Lee Ewe Ghee (Penang Chess Association president), Hamid Majid and I to the Pakeeza Restaurant in Ipoh's Greentown. It's a joint selling North Indian halal (kosher) food, so it's suitable for people of all major races and religions. In fact, saw Chinese families, Malay families and Indian families there, all tucking into the good stuff. The only problem with this place is that the exterior is too modest and plain. When we passed by the restaurant, we didn't know whether it was open or not. Worse, someone asked whether the restaurant had closed down. It was only when we saw a waiter opening the door that we realised it was still in business.

But for all its modest look, the food is excellent. I didn't pay much attention to the orders. I was tidying myself up when Hamid was doing the honours of ordering. But the dishes came very quickly: naan bread, some bryiani rice, chicken curry, prawn curry, a plate of spicy minced beef and palak paneer (squished and mashed spinach). Thoroughly enjoyable and fully satisfying meal. Recommended for a hearty tuck-in.

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stephen said...

I simply adore palak paneer or mutton with spinach.taste so good!!
Now I am wondering is paneer the indian name for cheese?
If it is then I have to stop taking it.I simply hate cheese.