Monday, 12 April 2010

Clash Of The Titans: Ho-hum 3D version

This show is supposed to be screened in 3D but it is a big rip-off where I'm concerned. I put on the glasses, expecting to be wowed along the lines of the last 3D movie I saw, which was Avatar 3D, but all throughout the show, there was hardly any special experience. I'm not impressed at all. If the Hollywood studios think that 3D will always sell, well, they will be wrong. If they continue with this sham, it will definitely turn people off other genuine films advertised as 3D.

I was also not totally impressed by the storyline which, to me, strayed from the original 1981 version of Clash Of The Titans. Of course, the end result was the same: the slaying of the Kraken but the adventure that Perseus and company underwent took a different interpretation. Maybe it was to be expected.

Sam Worthington, playing the Perseus character, tried hard but his acting was always rather wooden. Plus, I keep commenting to a friend that there were so many parallels with Avatar itself, especially when Perseus flew off on Pegasus or when Perseus fought with the monsters. Haven't we seen all that with Jake Sully on Toruk Macto? Worthington risks being typecast as the fantasy hero. And the giant scorpions? They kind of reminded me of The Scorpion King. Finally, I missed little Bubo from the original film. The mechanical owl only made a cameo appearance in the new film. What a disappointment.

On the plus side - which was very little - I liked the new depiction of Medusa, and also the depiction of Charon ferrying the soldiers across the river Styx. Those were the only plus points in this film's favour, unfortunately.

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