Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Fancy a durian farm homestay?

I've known Chang Teik Seng for more than 16 10 years now. Almost every year, I contact him at around this time to catch up with him. He lives in Balik Pulau on the other side of Penang island but normally, I'd meet him at his shop in Farlim Ayer Itam. Not this year, though. I may want to drive all the way to see him at his home.

You see, he's pretty excited. Durian season is starting on 15 May 2010 and his durians are fruiting well. Therefore, Chang (popularly known as Durian Seng among his circle of afficionados) is all set to launch his special “eat-all-you-can” package at his newly opened Durian Villa.

For a RM88, durian lovers can get a one-day pass on his durian farm to eat as many durians as possible throughout the day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, he told me over the telephone. However, if this burpy durian feast is far beyond your ability to experience, there's also a RM25 package to enjoy the durians for breakfast, a different RM35 durians-for-lunch package and a RM45 package for dinner.

In return, you'll get to enjoy different award-winning strains of durian going by such exotic names as the Hor Lor, Red Prawn, Kun Poh Ang Bak, Green Skin Ang Bak, Lipan, D-600, Little Red, D-604 and D-11.

But come, lah, he cajoled me, come to my Durian Villa in Sungai Pinang. Recently, Chang had two air-conditioned villas built at his durian farm so that visitors can also enjoy a bracing homestay on the other side of the island.

Chang told me that he spent more than RM70,000 to build the villas and there are plans to have more. Presently, the two villas are equipped with king-size beds and 32-inch LCD televisions, and they share a swimming pool.

"We are set amidst lush greenery all around us. If you come here, you can watch the sunset as you enjoy the fruits,” he said. "So come lah, bring your friends with you for a sumptuous durian party." I'd love to, Chang, but I've also got to watch my diet. But don't worry, I may take up your invitation to go visit you soon.

In the meantime, here's a short video clip of Durian Seng's Durian Villa. But you'll have to pardon the colour. I must tell him to upload a more colourful version soon. This one's too Avatarish. Anyway, do enjoy the great view and listen to the birds chirping away:


stephen said...

Hi SS,hey will be back in may.Maybe we can go to have a feast day there? The villas look fabulous.Wonder how much they cost for an overnighter and all round durians?

Quah, Seng-Sun said...

Stephen, I hear it's RM180 net per villa per night.

Filmwerk Media said...

Can someone let me know, how to contact Chang Teik Seng to make reservations? Thank you, Alexander

Quah, Seng-Sun said...

012-411 0600