Monday, 12 April 2010

Howler from Bernama

I have just seen this news report on the Kuala Lumpur open chess tournament by

The report on Hou Yifan winning the competition is correct but the portion on Nicholas Chan is horrendously wrong. I should know. When Bernama was interviewing Nicholas, I was standing barely three feet away from him and the interviewer, and I heard everything between the two of them.

Nicholas talked about his target being the International Master title. Never did he mention anything about being "elevated to Grandmaster status following the endorsement of the Federation International des Echecs (FIDE)."

I'm quite embarrassed. It was all in the mind of the reporter. Soo Heong, how did your reporter get that all wrong?

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Nick Phillips said...

Bernama you say? Well, I'm not surprised. I'd be surprised if they got anything right to begin with ... LOL!