Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Motorists in BM, beware!

Looks like the residents and visitors to Bukit Mertajam have to get used to the presence of the enforcement people from the Province Wellesley Municipal Council (MPSP). As far as I can remember ever since I moved to this town some five years ago, I've never come across any MPSP staff roaming the streets.

But not today. I was in the town centre this afternoon to collect my new pair of spectacles and as I was parking the car, I noticed a chap walking round the other cars to issue parking violation tickets to those that did not display any parking coupons on the dashboards.

So, finally, I see them getting serious about it. It's about time and I hope it's for the long term. Let this not be a short-term effort. While I'm sad that there isn't any more "free" parking places in the town, I hope that at least this MPSP effort will open up more parking opportunities for motorists. There'll be the urgency to park, do your business and go away quickly. People won't be so selfish any more as to leave their cars in the parking bays the whole day long and deny others from using them.

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