Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Shakin' and rockin'

Michael Barrett would probably not have made a lasting impression on the music front if not for his stage name. But today, he is acknowledged as one of the best interpreters of rock and roll music. He was part of The Sunsets but achieved his greatest success after going solo in 1978. There was no turning back. All in, he released 14 albums but all I have is this one (although I do have a CD compilation of his hits):

You do know whom I'm talking about, right? No other than that other rocking Welshman, Shakin' Stevens!

Side One: Lovestruck, Hot Dog, Is A Bluebird Blue, You And I Were Meant To Be, Without A Love, Shame Shame Shame
Side Two: Shotgun Boogie, I Got Burned, I Guess I Was A Fool, Make It Right Tonight, Little Pigeon, Do What You Did

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