Sunday, 23 May 2010

View from the top

I went up the Bukit Mertajam hill two days ago. It wasn't preplanned but I made a resolve to reach the peak which is about 1,760 feet above sea level. Once in a while, you have to make such a resolve. There's always a mountain to climb any time in our lives. You may have climbed a mountain once successfully but there is always another climb somewhere else, even if it is the same one. If nothing more, it's to prove that you still have the same determination and you relish the challenge. So, don't shy away from the mountains in your life.

Going up the hill track by way of the dam at the foothill, I reached the transmission towers after a slow climb of one hour and eight minutes. By the way, this wasn't a very popular route, especially on a Friday afternoon. Along the way, I met only three people. By contrast, I saw so many more people on the tarmac road as I was coming down, it being the busiest towards the end of the walk. My slow descent was also at a very steady pace and I made it to my car after an hour and 13 minutes.

This was the nicest view from my climb: a breath-taking vista of the Mengkuang Dam to the north of the BM hill. I don't get to see this view often. Indeed, I wonder how many other people appreciate the quiet beauty of this place.

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