Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Penang Botanic Garden arch tilt worsening?

Well, it is about time that the Ministry of Tourism stop all this nonsense of collecting further feedback from the stakeholders of the Penang Botanic Garden and decide on bringing down the two arches. No further amount of public feedback is necessary if it has become clear that the arches, once deemed as monstrosities, are now dangerous as well.

Last month, there was a news item which claimed that one of the arches was beginning to tilt. As usual, there were the denials and posturings that the tilt was all just an illusion of the eye.

However, there is now further claim that the tilt has indeed worsened. If it is true and at the rate it is said to be tilting, how can the soil around the two arches be stable any more? With the rainy spell upon us, no-one can predict how much damage is occurring under the ground.

I don't see why the Ministry and their Minister cannot admit that the poorly planned Penang Botanic Garden expansion project is now in jeopardy and the only way out is to dismantle the dangerous arches.

Please don't wait for more studies or public opinion. It's no longer about Federal Government versus State Government. We, the people of Penang, cannot afford to wait for Mother Nature to get any more angrier. This is all about public safety. Yes, and this is the right opportunity for the Ministry to exit honourably before the situation gets any worse.


Beth said...

Wow...this Penang Botanic Garden looks awesome. Wish If I could visit the place.

Tony Destroni said...

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