Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Please say NO to the Penang Botanic Garden arches

I've written a few times already about the desecration of the Penang Botanic Garden by the Federal Government and the way that the Ministry of Tourism rides roughshod over the state of Penang, disregarding the environmental impact. But maybe for once, we have a chance to get them to listen to the people.

Today, I've just visited the website of the Ministry of Tourism. On the right side of their home page, the Ministry is running a survey to determine whether the two arches at the Penang Botanic Garden should be retained or removed. I hear that they are going to use the survey results as the reason to keep or bring down the arches.

I would like to urge my fellow Malaysians - whether or not you are a Penangite, whether you are living in Penang or outside Penang, whether you are living in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world - to participate in the survey and vote with your heart and conscience on the two arches

You know exactly how I feel about them. You can either disagree with me and vote to keep the arches, or you can agree with me and say NO to the concrete arches. Either way, your vote counts. Please consider the positives and negatives of the project and above all, consider how your voice can contribute to environmental change in this country we call home. 

Remember, please participate in the survey here. All I'm asking is that if you agree with my point of view, please choose the NO button in the Ministry of Tourism survey. 

Thank you.

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stephen said...

SS, if they remove the arches, the place will still be bare of any greenery.Unless they replant some trees or bushes or even turf the place,only then will it make sense.I live next to the gardens and I am shocked thatt instead of turfing or landscaping the grounds,they decided to put in paths and car lots.