Saturday, 24 July 2010

An alternative to polystyrene

This is not an advertisement plug for any company but I was really impressed to see this chap put his money where his mouth is! What better way is there for him to show that his products are safe for human use than to consume them himself? He means business! He's really digging into his own meal tray!

P Ramaness runs Return 2 Green Sdn Bhd, a company in the Prai Free Trade Zone on Province Wellesley, the mainland portion of Penang. The company manufactures a whole range of biodegradable products made from sugar cane waste fibres: bowls, plates, cups, trays, lunch boxes and cutleries. Within 180 days of use, the company claims that their products will have broken down into organic compost and fertilisers. Their website is worth a visit.

At a recent function, Ramaness was showing people his biodegradable dishes that could be viable alternatives to polystyrene once the latter is banned in Penang. To prove that the products were so organic that they could be digested, he chomped into a plate to demonstrate its biodegradable property. Dramatic but impressive. Should strike a chord with environmentalists everywhere!


stephen said...

you probably will have to pay 20sen for takeaway from now onwards.

Jeffrey Chew said...

so what if we have to pay 20cents for takeaway? Bring a tiffin carrier lah like what i am doing now.

cool cats said...

Wake up my friend! You want to save the environment then make sure any product is re-usable because once it goes to the dump site and start to compose it will still release CO2. As a matter of fact, production of biodegradable ware itself will produce tons of carbon and this is not a rocket science to be understood.It has been in existence since the early 90's. My guess the guy in the picture had copied it from somewhere and trying to re-new the idea...bah disgusting!