Sunday, 25 July 2010

Curry mee

Unusually, I'm writing about food today. Not something that I usually do on this blog. But it's all because of a comment I made on facebook more that a month ago. I was lamenting about the quality of curry mee around Bukit Mertajam. In particular, I was condemning a stall at a coffee shop along Jalan Kampung Baru. It was positively the worst curry mee that I had come across. And yet...people in the town were eating it as if there was nothing else to try!

Enter Long Kin, an old friend from my old Ban Hin Lee Bank days. Come, he said, to Kulim. There's a coffee shop there selling curry mee. Not too bad, he assured me. So, towards the end of last month, we went together to seek out this shop.

My verdict? Not too bad. It's unusual to have crullers with curry mee but it tasted all right. I know now that there is at least one curry mee stall near me that is acceptable to my taste buds. But technically, this coffee shop is located in Kulim about six kilometres away from my home, not in Bukit Mertajam.

A few days ago, Long Kin called again. Can I pick you up in the morning, he said, and head to Taman Bukit, this time in Bukit Mertajam itself? Of course when it comes to food, I'm game to try anything new. So there I was at this food centre which I never knew existed at all. So much for having stayed in Bukit Mertajam for the last five years, isn't it?

My verdict again: nice. This is certainly close to the curry mee I like. It had all the flavours and textures I yearned for with rich, rich ingredients thrown in.

By the way, the best curry mee stall I know on the mainland is still at the Chai Leng Park wet market's food centre. In my opinion, nothing beats the curry mee there, not even the well-known one at Jalan Raja Uda in Butterworth.

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