Thursday, 22 July 2010

Out of line

This is the face of an uncultured civil servant, one who talks back. In fact, a kurang ajar of a civil servant.

A state development officer posted to Penang. In recent months, he has been responsible for carrying out a spat of controversial projects in the state under orders from the bigwigs in the Federal government without regard for the Penang government or the wishes of the people of Penang. His latest controversy was to push for the expansion of the Penang Botanic Garden, especially the building of the twin arches at the entrance of the Garden, and threatening to withhold development funds from the state if the project did not go ahead.

Well, in the last months, he has been taking a lot of heat. He has been roundly criticised for his high-handed handling of the projects, for brushing aside the Penang government and not willing to listen to their side of the story. If ever there's a Little Napolean that's full of his own self-importance, he is the one.

Now, a self-respecting civil servant is not supposed to say anything in public even under duress but this one, evidently, thinks he is the exception, that he has the right to defend himself in public. Earlier this week he called a press conference within a press conference to give his two-bits. I say that's out of line for a civil servant. If he cannot take the heat, he should go away. Get himself transferred. Or, better still, resign and go into politics where he can say all he wants, all he likes. Don't embarrass the civil service. Don't embarrass your masters in Kuala Lumpur.


longkin said...

Very well said, fully agree with you. This idiot must be gotten rid of from the state, no, not only the state, he should be sacked from the civil service.

Jeffrey Chew said...

Problem is that his masters are just as bad as him condoning what he has said. Bad example for my kids calling words such as dayus and biadap.