Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Woken up by the moon

Many people say that the full moon does strange things to them. I don't believe it. To me, a full moon is just another full moon. It shines bright and it blanks out the stars in the night sky so that you don't see them. The only effect - and there's nothing strange about it - that the full moon has on me is when it shines directly into my bedroom. It happens very rarely, though, but when it does I can't sleep. Like what happened to me last Saturday morning. At about 5.20 in the morning, I could sense a light piercing into my dreams. It was so intense that it woke me up. It was one of the brightest sources of light in the night sky for quite a while despite it not being the full moon yet. My mind was still groggy enough when I walked to the window but I knew that I had to take the moon's picture. My first attempt wasn't very successful, though. My settings were wrong. All I got was this round blob of light. Then I realised that I shouldn't be doing that. If I wanted to take the picture, I shouldn't be over-exposing the shot. There....that was better. A shutter speed of 1/320th of a second and an f-stop of 4.5. I managed to capture an image of the moon's surface. That very familiar shadow on the surface that sometimes looks like a moon fairy and sometimes like a rabbit.

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longkin said...

You are wrong on the effect of the moon on you. Getting up at 5.20am to take a shot at the moon clearly prove that a full moon does have adverse effect on your behaviour. You can deny all that you want but action speaks louder than words :)