Saturday, 7 August 2010

Around the Esplanade

I find that I've been spending too much time around the Esplanade lately. Not that I was there purposely but there were a few things that I had to do in the Beach Street and Pitt Street areas. Parking around Beach Street was out of the question. No point driving around and around just trying to find a parking lot. So, the next best solution was to park the car further away at the Esplanade and then go exercise the legs. Or as my son would tell me, take the Bus Number 11. These are just a few of my impressions:

If you need some free entertainment, do drop by Penang's Speaker's Corner on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. It's like a mini-state assembly meeting. A "no holds barred" type of kopi tiam session. And it's beneath a tree too, so Perak cannot claim to have the sole democracy tree in the country.

Very surprised to see that there's this spot of clean sand at the Esplanade. From young, I had always believed that there are just big rocks down there irrespective of the tide. This is a fresh perspective of the Esplanade waterfront.

And looking the other way, I saw the amateur anglers all out in full force. I had once asked them whether there is anything to catch at all over here. One of them just grinned and showed me a plastic bag filled with fishes, small fishes.

Quite unexpectedly, I came across these trees beside the old fort. My opinion is that this is the best spot along the Esplanade. The greenery is a surprise.

The Penang government makes it very clear that it doesn't support the ISA (Internal Security Act) and would like to have it repealed. I would like to see it repealed too because the Federal government shouldn't take the easy way out and detain people without charging them in court. Then of course, we have the nameless twits who go about in darkness to deface things that belong to the establishment. Okay, they may have made their point but it shows them up as cowards, big cowards.

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