Monday, 16 August 2010

A credit to Changi airport

The time was about 1.30pm today. I was at Changi Airport's Terminal One to catch my flight back to Penang. It has been donkey's years since I last stepped foot into here, so much so that I needed help from the Information Counter.

There were two ladies at the counter, seated maybe four feet apart. I walked up to the nearer one to enquire about the ticketing counter for my flight. "Excuse me..." I began but before I could continue further, both the ladies were already on their feet, looking brightly, smiling broadly and giving me their fullest undivided attention. I asked about my flight and had all my questions answered immediately. And never a moment did their beaming smiles leave their faces.

I was greatly impressed. Clearly, this is the BEST customer service that I've come across in a very long while. And take it from me: if I say that something is good, I really mean it.

Unfortunately in my haste to check in, I had failed to note the names of the two ladies. I can only hope that there is someone from Changi Airport reading this and taking note of my feedback. They are a great credit to Singapore! Others will do well to emulate them.

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stephen said...

you must have looked very distinguished and important!! but you are right, the customer service in changi is very good.