Monday, 2 August 2010

Excuses, excuses...what a nerve!

I wonder how many households in the country have actually been visited by enumerators (census takers) during this latest Population and Housing Census that is being carried out by the Department of Statistics. The census exercise, which started on 6 July, is scheduled to end on 22 Aug. That means that there are only 20 days left.

Unfortunately right until today, nobody has come to my house. My aunt who is home most of the time drew a blank stare when I asked her a few minutes ago. Me? I haven't seen anyone either AND I'm usually home too. Besides, I'm told that if any household could not be contacted, the enumerator would leave the census form in the letter box and come back later to collect it. Well, there's nothing in my letter box except for letters and the advertisement flyers.

So I'm very much indignant to read in Sun2Surf today that "the Chinese’s response to the census exercise so far has not been encouraging" and the Statistics Department is seeking the help of the Hua Zong organisation to make it happen. Big bullshit.

And I'm also very incensed that the president of Hua Zong had taken the apologetic line and agreed with the Statistics Department that the Chinese community was cool to the census. What's more, he had the nerve to urge the Chinese to give their full cooperation to the enumerators. Big bullshit, again!

Just speak for yourself, Mr Hua Zong president. You don't have to apologise on my behalf. And whoever is in charge of the census exercise at the Department of Statistics, please tell your people - I need just one of them - to come see me this week and I will answer all their questions personally, willingly and gladly! Just come. Don't make excuses. Okay?

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longkin said...

No need to wait for them. Your household statistic have been filled up already just like mine. An officer came and asked me just to fill up my name and I/C no. When asked about the rest, she just smiled and said the rest of the data will be taken from the last census for 10 years ago. Your area officer is more efficient than mine.