Thursday, 14 October 2010

Leave your hunger behind you

I'm a bit fed up with the Proton Edar service centre at the Autocity in Juru, Penang. Always, with their telephone line engaged, I've found it impossible to call them for an appointment to service my Proton Saga. On Monday, I decided to drop by the service centre to make the appointment personally. I know it defeats the purpose of having a telephone but what to do?

Well, today finally, I had the car serviced. Left it with them in the morning and then took a stroll to the Autocity whereupon I came across this delightfully named coffee shop. Hunger Beh Coffee Tiam. Boy, it's certainly a name to entice hunger in anybody!

I was famished as I had left home early this morning without breakfast. So I went into this coffee shop to look around. Four stalls with three already operating: one selling char koay teow and koay teow soup, a second selling chicken rice and a third selling wanton mee. I opted for a bowl of koay teow soup. I must say that I wasn't disappointed. It tasted all right with me. The soup had a hint of the Chinese herb tong kooi which was not strong enough to over-power anyone. Wholly recommended.

Plus, if you are around the area, do consider the chicken rice for lunch too. Ahh....that row of chicken hanging there. My wife will tell you that I'm a sucker for chicken. Halfway through my bowl of koay teow soup, I gave in to temptation. I ordered a plate of chicken, sans the rice, to go with the soup. Must say that I enjoyed the combination.

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