Monday, 1 November 2010

Be smart with your belongings

Here are some useful bits of advice that I've just picked up from the Internet. They may sound like simple common sense and actually, they are! However, many people don't think about it until someone tells them. Let me be this someone to you today.

Be smart with your car. Do not park in isolated areas where there aren't many people around. If it's still daylight but you plan to shop for a while, park under a street lamp or in a well-lit parking area. Always remember to wind up your windows and lock the car. I always use a heavy duty steering wheel lock. Time is the essense to thieves and they will think twice about wastng time in cutting off the lock.

If you go back to your car to stow packages, put them in the boot. Visible boxes and bags are magnets for thieves. Don't walk with so many packages that your purse dangles from your arm, out of your sight. And if someone tries to grab your purse, don't resist. It's not worth losing your life over.

You should know how to get home from your neighbourhood school or market or any visible landmark, right? I asking you this because if you have a GPS device in your car, use the school or market or visible landmark as your "home" setting. This way, if you lose your GPS device, the thief will not know how to get to your house while you're out. With GPS thefts on the rise, don't leave any visible trace of one in your car. This includes the mount on the windscreen and the cable from the dashboard.

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