Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Big scare no.2

Ever since months ago when the Penang Water Supply Corporation announced that there would be a water cut on 28 Dec - which, coincidentally, is today - from seven o'clock in the morning till seven o'clock in the evening, I'm astounded by the amount of fatalistic feedback in the newspapers and of course, on the online forums and facebook as well, from the people in Penang.

Truly astounded. They way they have been reacting, you'd think that the 12-hour water cut is akin to the world ending. All the vitriol and anger surfacing. All the unkind and unfounded words being said about the Corporation.

All these people do not seem to understand that every now and then, there must be some maintenance done to everything, water treatment plant included.  Even our own bodies need maintenance to stay healthy. Nothing can go working on forever without maintenance or come a day there will be a major breakdown. I would have hoped that there are educated and informed people out there who would understand the issues better than joining in the criticisms.

According to the Corporation, this is the first major scheduled supply interruption since 2006 and they needed to carry out upgrading and maintenance work at the Sungai Dua Water Treatment Plant to ensure continuous good water supply in future.

So the public has already been informed of the water cut on 28 Dec. What's so big deal about it? You mean to say that the taps will suddenly run dry at seven o'clock itself? You mean to say that there is no residual water in the main pipes that will continue to trickle into your house and your office and your factory? Maybe there won't be enough pressure to take a bath if there's no water tank in the house, but I'm sure that's all the inconvenience we'll ever face. And do you also mean to say that the water stops, the tap will remain dry until seven o'clock in the evening? Miraculously, water stops flowing totally during this 12-hour period?

Common, only an idiot will really believe that. Or want to believe that. I should believe that once the maintenance works are completed, the Corporation will resume the water supply immediately. Why would the Corporation wait until seven o'clock in the evening to turn on the main supply when their work had ended at, say, four o'clock in the afternoon? You think they really want to inconvenience the public beyond their work finishing? That they have a warped sense of humour? It would defy logic if they do that. To me, the seven o'clock to seven o'clock time frame is only to cater for a "worst case' scenario in case something does go wrong. If everything goes according to their plan, we may not even be aware of the water cut at all.

So, the irrational people should just calm down and let the Penang Water Supply Corporation simply do that work. If you are really afraid of the water cut, then wake up early and take your bath. And brush your teeth. And do your business. And store whatever water you need. Just be prepared, like a good scout would. The warning had been given months ago. Just don't whine as if there is no tomorrow. Enough said.

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