Tuesday, 4 January 2011


It was an anniversary that I hoped not to forget but as luck would have it, I did forget! The first of January 2011 came and went without me remembering that it was the first anniversary of my retirement. And to top it, I wasn't even in Penang.

So what have I done the whole year round? Surprisingly, a lot of things were accomplished; some rather unproductive work (but of course) but generally okay, lah! Sometimes, though, I wished for more time on my hands.

Funny business, retirement. I have time on my hands and yet, I want more time. Anyway, I'm now immersed in a project for a friend. Quite interesting despite the deadline, but what I still hate -- this haven't changed in the past five years -- is the travel. Gee, I really hate having to drive from Bukit Mertajam to George Town and back, especially at peak hours. But what to do? Work is work....

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stephen said...

Haha,although i am in danger of sounding like a broken record player,at least you'll have the chance of catching up with the mindless drivel of the radiocasters and wild antics of penang drivers racing to meet their maker as they zip past barely a few breaths away!!

I'll be horse whipping down to the isle of traffic snarls in a few days time. it'll be good to see hills for a change.