Friday, 11 February 2011

A case of condom jacking

It seems that the Malaysian Police are investigating how a consignment of 726,000 condoms can disappear while on transit between a factory in Perak and it's ultimate destination in Japan. Maybe the transportation truck overturned on the North-South Expressway and people simply stopped their cars or motorcycles to scoop up the spilled cartons of condoms, yes? Just like what happened to the spilled coins on the expressway earlier?

Anyway, a news report last week said that Sagami Rubber Industries had loaded the shipment into a container at its Perak factory but that it was empty with the locks replaced when it arrived in Tokyo. “We are unhappy. This is the first time such a thing has happened since our Malaysian production started in 1997,” the factory manager said. Sagami’s head office has said that the condoms are worth RM4.5 million at Japanese retail prices.

Already, wisecrack remarks are being made about this incident. "The police will never solve this case: the villains have protection. They may even be hardened criminals." "This story gives a whole new meaning to 'taking precautions'." "Stringent controls should be enforced to prevent similar leakages from occurring." "I think they need to stiffen the penalty."

But where can the condoms actually go to? Perhaps, these few clues can help the condom police:

I hear that 12,500 pieces went into the making of this evening gown. No wonder I couldn't see any more purple ones in the pictures below.
The white ones are definitely almost gone now...
Don't worry, at least they are not totally red or totally yellow. Just half of each, which means there will be some leftovers of the reds and yellow.
Looks like there will be leftovers of the greens too since the leftover whites are used to fill in the blanks.
Surely, this can only be creative use of all the odds-and-ends coloured pieces? Never put them to waste if they can be recycled.

Oh, and while I'm on the subject on recycling, I came across this old story about recycled used condoms. As an ethnic Chinese who considers Malaysia home, I am embarrassed over the greedy antics of the Chinese in China. They are without any scruples. They will not stop at anything for profit of any kind with disregard to public health or decency. Tainted milk and tainted medicine. But using used condoms as hairbands? Now, that's a new low.

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