Sunday, 20 February 2011

St George's Church re-opens

I was down at George Town's heritage zone yesterday morning and I headed straight for the St George's Church in Farquhar Street. The Church re-opens its doors for Service today after a 10-month long renovation work to restore the main building and the Francis Light Memorial to its pristine, almost original condition. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful heritage buildings in the city. The design consists of strong, simple lines without any loud decorations to mar its beauty. The columns remind me of ancient Greek architecture.

This is the view that most people will associate with the Anglican Church. The Francis Light Memorial is in the foreground. The mahogany tree seen here is standing strong even though it is more than 120 years old. There is another one beside the entrance. Below is the main building, photographed from various angles.

And of course, here is the Church interior, all splendidly spruced up and ready for its first official Service today.

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stephen said...

I wonder how many penangites are COE parishioners. Next project should be restoring the old graveyard where notaries like Francis light and the early English inhabitants are buried. It makes good sense as a historical heritage cum tourist attraction.