Thursday, 17 February 2011

Two good reasons

There is one good reason why the Queensbay Mall at the southern part of Penang island should be a place of choice for anyone to visit. No, make that two good reasons.

The first is the presence of Ace Hardware. When I visited the Queensbay Mall yesterday - my first in two months, I think - I was pleasantly surprised to find that Ace Hardware has finally arrived in Penang. Whee! There's no longer a need to visit the chain at the MidValley MegaMall anymore. All I want, I can now find on the island.

And the second good reason is finding Daiso Japan also at this shopping mall. My aunt and wife would love this place! Admittedly, I'm not familiar at all with Daiso but a walk through the shop quickly told me what I've been missing all along. Daiso sells everyday household stuff at an unbelievable RM5 per item. Reminds me of those Sepuluh Sen or Dua Puluh Sen thrift shops that used to be so popular in George Town during the 1970s.

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stephen said...

It's known as the 100yen shop in japan and in Singapore it's the $2/- shop. So it's cheapest in japan.