Sunday, 13 February 2011

Unplanned highlights

My wife was asking me whether I saw anything interesting at yesterday's George Town Chinese New Year heritage celebration. I told her plenty! And then I showed her this picture of a car being towed away by the Penang Island Municipal Council. Much earlier, there was a public announcement to ask car owners to remove their vehicles from the area. Whoever drove the car either did not hear the announcement or paid no heed to it. So there it went, being towed backwards from the celebration zone with its alarm blaring. Sure people buy ang kong jee, one!

And then as I was watching a puppet show in Armenian Street, the lights suddenly went off. Seconds later, a commotion not more than 30 feet away. Some electrical lines had short-circuited and caught fire. I think that was the end of the puppet show and the nearby activities that depended on the same power supply. They might as well pack up and go home. Suddenly, I felt so sorry for them.

[A little anecdotal update (15 Feb 2011): I bumped into Salma Khoo today. She owns 120 Armenian Street, the San Yat Sen Centre, just up the street from the stage of the puppet show and so, was affected by the fire too. I asked her how long was the power cut. "I don't know," she replied, "we just locked up the house and went home."] 

Anyway, my photos on the celebration are already uploaded to facebook here.

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stephen said...

It was probably a long day for the unlucky bloke and his family heading back home.He'll bookmark that day as a "red packet" day for him.