Sunday, 20 March 2011

Super moon? What's that again?

Like I expected yesterday morning, the rain in Penang obliterated all opportunities to see the Super Moon in its full glory. Until about 10 o'clock, the weather was still wet over Bukit Mertajam but the rain stopped soon afterwards.

So my wife and I decided to step outside the house and peer into the high heaven. Who knows, it could be a romantic interlude for us; just the two of us in the quiet darkness of the front porch, ha ha. It was still very cloudy as we turned our sights skywards. We scanned the cloudy heavens and saw....a fuzzy blob of light almost directly above us.

"Oh, is that the Super Moon?" my wife asked, rather expectantly. I followed her gaze. Yes, I told her, that's the one that people around the world are going ga-ga over.

"But it's not any bigger than our regular moon and besides which, it's not clear at all," and then she walked in. Unfortunately, yes, I thought to myself as I followed her inside, our romantic interlude apparently over even before it started. There's actually nothing to it at all. So what if the moon is at its closest to us in the last 18 years. Nothing's going to happen up there tonight....

Then she suddenly turned to me. "Come quick," she said, "come let's take a picture of it so that we can show people what the Super Moon looks like over Penang, if anyone should ask."

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