Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Gleen gleen glass

It was towards the end of the wedding reception. The main table was empty. The happy couple and their parents were already at the entrance of the restaurant, waiting to thank their departing guests and accept their congratulations.

Meanwhile inside the restaurant, the entertainment -- if you could call the singing an entertainment -- was still going on strong. During the whole evening, except for the brief interludes of speeches and toasts to the health of the wedded couple, the performer had been belting out one song after another. Mostly in Mandarin but once in a while, his repertoire would include an English number.

Perhaps mindful that the guests were no longer listening intently to him - hey, do dinner guests ever listen much to the stage anyway? - he decided to exercise his lungs with an English song. But what a song he chose to sing! I wrote two days ago about people singing inappropriate songs at wedding functions.

Well, here is one. This fella was not only belting out his version of Tom Jones' Green Green Grass of Home, he mangled it up by mispronouncing everything. Even though I wasn't paying much attention to the song as my wife and I walked towards the entrance, this fella's murder of the English language hit me face on. I told my wife: "Listen, did this guy just say Gleen Gleen Glass of Home?" and my wife stopped momentarily and then answered, "Yes."

So I just had to whip out my camera and take a quick snap of this occasion for posterity. Too bad the lighting wasn't good enough or else you'd see the guilty party more clearly.

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