Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Junk newspaper

Aiyoyo, finally, it's wonderful to know what a junk newspaper looks like. Not that I'm narrow-minded but I thought mainstream newspapers do not stoop so low. This newspaper stooped so low that they are scraping the bottom of the gutter. Perhaps that's how gutter journalism got its name. Ah, but maybe I'm wrong to think that this is a mainstream newspaper. Or maybe, the Home Affairs Ministry needs to come out with a new definition of "mainstream newspaper" and a new category of permits.

Whatever the case, if YouTube can yank a questionable video clip from its server on account of the video violating its own terms of service, aren't there similar codes of conduct for the print media to decide what's smut and what's not?

Oh, you mean YouTube's definition of pornography is too narrow to apply locally. What's good for a responsible YouTube is not good enough for an irresponsible Utusan, huh? Well, here's to Utusan then. May your future be forever stained with your new status as a junk newspaper.

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