Sunday, 24 April 2011

Serious audit

So there I was, this morning, at the 84th annual general meeting of the Old Frees' Association in Penang. And right on time too. I walked right smack into a secret ballot. The contest for the position of the association's president was just starting and the ballot slips were being distributed. Apparently, there would be only one position contested because the rest of the positions had closed with only one nomination each. Boy, judging from the furious debates that had happened earlier at the meeting and also later, I would want to wish the new president well.

Anyway, I just want to quote here an extract from the honorary auditor's report. As far as I know, the honorary auditor has remained unchanged for many, many years. Year in and year out, he is reappointed. And apparently, as any self-respecting auditor will do, he takes his role very seriously.

In this year's report, he found himself questioning the annual durian party that the OFA organises for the members. I found his comments a bit incredulous, if not hilarious. Just take a read:
"The members who attended the Durian Party enjoyed themselves tremendously. However for the purpose of audit, a record must be made upon arrival at the durian farm the total number of durians OFA members will receive, if possible the number according to the variety e.g. how many Ganja, Hor Lor etc. Once the figures are verified, the durians can be open for members to enjoy. The verification process will I am sure take not more than 5 minutes with the presence of so many members. The OFA needs to know how many durians we are paying for and the variety so as to ascertain the money spent for the durian party is value for money."

Gosh, you mean we have to COUNT the durians before we eat?? Serious?? Duh.....

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