Thursday, 16 June 2011

Pocket's burnt

So finally, I've had the time to take my disabled Nokia C6 for repair. Went to the Pacific Megamall in Jalan Baru, Prai and spent well over an hour searching for the Nokia Care Centre. Turned out that I had arrrived too early at the Megamall when most of the shops were still not opened. Even those ubiquitous mobile phone stalls were unopened.

Might as well walk around and search for the Nokia centre, I thought to myself. It's been ages since I stepped into this huge building. However, time hasn't improved its outlook. The whole of the Pacific Megamall is still pathetic. As far as I am concerned, the place is a failure. All the businesses and activities are on the lower floors: the basement, ground, first and second floors. The upper floors - the third floor and above - remained empty. All the shoplots there were vacant and shuttered.

So I really wandered from the second floor down to the first floor and finally saw someone who could direct me to the Nokia care centre. It's on the ground floor, past the McDonald's and Maxis centre. Ta, I told him, and went downstairs. His direction was perfect. Nobody could miss the Nokia shop front. I walked in, told the front staff about my spoilt phone but before I could whip out the warranty card, he told me the bad news. Sorry but the LED screen is not covered by any warranty. I was aghast. Not covered by a warranty to get the screen replaced? That's right, he confirmed.

It happens all the time, he said. Many people tend to put their phones in their bags or their pockets with their keys and it is normally the keys that press on the screen and spoilt it. So it was with mixed feelings that I surrendered my phone to him. This was going to set me back by RM114. But the bright side was that at least I don't have to buy a new handset if this Nokia C6 can be repaired.

How long before I can get the phone back, I asked. He went to check. Good news, he chirped, come back in two hours and the phone should be ready by then.

I didn't have to wait two hours. In slightly more than an hour, I went to try my luck. Yes, the LED screen's been replaced and my phone is as good as new. So here I am, RM114 poorer but RM114 wiser. Ah, maybe I should add that I am poorer by an extra RM65. Spent that amount in the one hour at the Pacific Hyperstore within the Megamall....

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stephen said...

Never mind. At least you had some fun things to do! Haha