Friday, 29 July 2011

Rightfully or wrongfully questioned?

I was appalled that the police in this country have targetted a fellow blogger from Penang, Lilian Chan, for investigation over a twitter tweet that she made earlier this month.

I was also appalled that the police report which was made against her was so expeditiously investigated while there are obviously so many other small targets that the police could and should have gone after.

Foremost in my mind are the small-time criminals in Penang like the snatch thieves who preyed on the citizens, the Ah Long representatives who openly defy authorities by pasting their stickers on public properties, the road bullies who think their bigger and more powerful cars give them the right to speed and intimidate all others on the road and the recalcitrants who continue to doublepark their cars and cause hardship to other road users. Maybe, these are moving targets which the police find themselves hopeless in chasing after. Never mind, what about the 24-hour computer gaming outlets that contribute so much to the juvenile delinquency in this country? This is definitely not a moving target which the police should raid. Computer gaming outlets should not be allowed to operate round-the-clock.

Why can't the protectors of our community have more urgency to stamp out these society ills rather than going after a blogger? Lilian Chan may, by her self-acknowledgement, be an obnoxious mum, but I would like to believe that she is far from being a threat to this country.

Pah, I say to all this nonsense. She doesn't deserve this type of attention. And shame on the person who in his own self-righteousness and self-importance made this report in the first place!


stephen said...

sorry but I don't share your sentiments about the person.And I would sympatize if it was anyone else but her.

longkin said...

Stephen, you sound like you have a personal issue with her. This is beyond personal issue. I do not know her at all but looking at the issue at hand the authorities have gone much beyond madness. Do away with your personal feelings & grudges and look beyond it at the larger picture.

stephen said...

longkin, while i appreciate your thoughts, i find it very hard to accept that this is the very same woman who uses profanities against others,feels that its ok to scratch cars if they are blocking her and engages in anti social rants.
If this come uppance for her, then its an appropriate measure.

Anonymous said...

Stephen, you mean you hate her that much that her "rants" overshadow those of Ibrahim Ali, Nazri and Khairy and the rest of the ultras? Wow. You must really hate aggro female drivers.

stephen said...

you missed the mark altogether.its not her political affiliations if she has any that i am addressing but the person.if you think scratching someone's car is ok rather than exercise civility and look for the owner then i have nothing to add.And yes i am upset at the deplorable state of affairs in this world but wearing the yellow badge doesn't give you the licence to break the law or steamroll over everyone.And fyi the anti social rants and profanities were targeted at people not politicians.If you think that is acceptable behavior then good for you.