Thursday, 21 July 2011

Tune Hotel at Sepang, KLIA-LCCT

My wife should have seen her own face when we entered the room at the Tune hotel at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (KLIA-LCCT). We had arrived some time close to one o'clock in the morning. We were tired and, having failed to locate the hotel's shuttle bus service, we decided to walk the half a kilometre distance to it.

On the way, I primed my wife on her expectations of the room. It will be clean with a king-sized bed but it's not big. There'll only be space to place our bags upright; we can't spread them out on the floor. And there's no air-conditioning because we're not going to need it for the few hours that we'd be spending in the room. Anyway, the fan should be cool enough. And the toilet: there won't be any bath towel or soap but don't worry, I've had it all planned out already. If you need a cup, we will only need will be to buy some drinks from the convenience shop on the ground floor.

Okay, she told me cheerily. I was hopeful. But I also knew that the smile could be wiped off her face when she saw the reality of the room. I wasn't wrong. "Oh, so that's how big it is," she commented. Not even a table or cupboard in the room. However, she brightened up when she saw the decent-sized toilet and the foldable table at the foot of the bed. At least, there's some place to put some of her things!

All in, I think we spent only four hours there. We awoke at 5.30am (didn't actually sleep), checked out at 6am and took the shuttle bus to the LCCT to catch our AirAsia X flight to Christchurch. It's the start of a brand new adventure for us.

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