Monday, 12 September 2011

Mid-Autumn festival

I didn't get many chances to buy or eat mooncakes this year. I could have shopped for them at the MidValley Megamall when I was there last month but I was too caught up with the chess tournament and gave a miss to all the stalls that had sprung up there.

Then after my return to Penang, I found a whole load of mooncakes being sold at the Pacific Megamall at Prai. Too many choices, in fact, which left me more determined not to succumb to the sweet temptation.

Well, today is the actual day of the festival itself. I went to the city this morning for the Mid-Autumn Festival prayers at the Swee Cheok Tong and came back with my share of this delicacy. A whole box of it, in fact. Four mooncakes. Didn't waste any time to slice up one of them to tuck in. Now I'm satisfied.

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