Monday, 3 October 2011

This urinal has little room for error

The stock market has been lousy lately but it should be a good time to pick up some good stock as the prices are depressed. The only question is that we don't know how much lower the prices may plunge. Anyway, I was at the Bukit Mertajam branch of HwangDBS Investment Bank this morning to make payment for some stock that were picked up last week. (But don't ask me what they were, okay? Just know that their prices went down again this morning.)

Right, as I was about leave the building, I had to visit their washroom. Had drank too much water and slurped too much soup this morning so much so that my bladder was calling out for relief. I stepped into the washroom and saw two urinals side-by-side. Walked up to one of them and was surprised to see its unusual height. The other one was just the same.

As I was doing my business, I was thinking that gosh, the contractor that did this job must have run short of the concealed piping and decided to mount the urinals higher up on the wall. The urinals would be comfortable enough for any six-footer man to use but if a five-footer man were to walk into the washroom, he would most probably have to stand a little back and aim his shot upwards into the air and let gravity finish the job for him.

As for me, I could just about able to get my dick comfortably over the top of the urinal's base, still with some little clearance of course! So this is a good gauge to guess that I'm somewhere between five feet and six feet tall. The only positive consolation for this badly mounted urinal is that if a user of average height is prone to poor aim, there isn't much room for his golden shower to spill out of that blasted contraption!

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