Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Best episode of Hawaii Five-0, so far...

This week's episode of the second season of the new Hawaii Five-0 certainly ranks as one of the best that I've watched so far. It was not so much as a stand-alone weekly police procedural show to find out who-killed-who in Oahu, Hawai'i, but rather, a foray by the Five-0 team plus extra help into the deep jungles of North Korea on a rescue to extract their gung-ho Fearless Leader Steve McGarrett who had fallen into a trap by his sworn enemy, Wo Fat, who used Jenna Kaye as the bait. Never mind that the storyline was incredulously thin but the action throughout the show was enough to keep me watching this episode a second time and a third time today. Phew! My best moment in the show? When The James Gang's Funk 49 began playing from the cartridge player as the helicopter took off. Thanks for the memory!

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