Friday, 30 December 2011

Glass mug

It is funny how small inconsequential items can suddenly trigger off memories of your youth. There I was, last week, accompanying my wife and aunt to the Bukit Mertajam town centre and we were wandering through many of the old shops along Market Street. We went into one of them that sold kitchenware. While they were busy with their bargaining, I came across this glass mug.

It jolted my memory. For a long time already, this mug had been out of my mind. I had even forgotten that such a design existed. But here it was again, neatly lined up on the shelf at eye level. If the shopkeeper had hoped to catch my attention, she sure did succeed.

Long ago when I was young, most probably still in primary school, my father used to drink from this type of glass mug. I had found the design fascinating so that's why the image had always been kept in the recesses of my mind, only to be brought out again last week. Yes, it used to be placed at a corner of the kitchen table and my mum would fill it with hot, black local coffee every morning. And my dad would always drink out from it. Once or twice, I would drink from it too but that would be when my father had gone off to work.

So yes, seeing the glass mug in the shop did certainly bring out the memories. Memories of my father.

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