Monday, 26 December 2011

OFA coffee table book, Part 7

Let us indulge in a bit of nostalgia. Let it sweep right over us as we re-visit the grounds of the Penang Free School. I took these pictures whilst there 10 days ago with my co-editor and the graphic designer. Nobody in sight since it was already term holidays. These aren't the ones that are going into the Old Frees' Association's coffee table book, though. My co-editor shall be choosing them from the graphic designer's own collection.

Nobody takes a photo of the school arch from the main road anymore.
The garishly-painted school pavilion.
The main school building from the field.
 Who can ever forget resting in the shade of this old, imposing Angsana tree?
The main porch.
The porch on the East wing of the school.
Old frangipani trees in the east Quadrangle.  
And not-so-old palm trees in the west Quadrangle.
And finally, the old school tower.

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